Like to sing in the showers or in the car alone do you? Let’s see how well you can really sing! Put yourself in the spotlight and let your friends be the judge for your singing talent! Or be the judge and see how well your friends can sing!

Shooting Starz is the first global virtual talent game show that gathers people who love to sing and judge other singers!

The game is simple, download the app and rate the singers you like with stars, or zap the ones you don’t like to eliminate them! You can discover funny ways to zap and eliminate people from the contest too!

Or be the star you know you are (deep inside) by singing your heart out for your friends to judge!

✰ Sing your heart out!

Shooting Starz is the first virtual interactive talent show! Invite all your friends, start singing, and let’s see who’s gonna be eliminated first.

✰ Are you already a star?

If you KNOW you’re a star with a winning voice, but need more exposure, Shooting Starz is the place to be! Kickstart your singing career and don’t forget us when you’re all rich and famous one day!

✰ Get ready to take over the world!

Climb our rankings and be in the running to compete in a global virtual singing competition through Shooting Starz! You might end up singing on our livestream events if you’re up to the challenge!

✰Why are you still reading this?

Download the app now, and be the singing star (or the star judge) you know you are!

This is a BETA version for our close community of singers and early testers, please send us your feedback on any bugs or on how to make it bigger and better to