Your talent matters

Shooting Starz is the first global virtual talent game show that gathers people who love to sing and judge other singers!

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Challenge Fin del mundo

Para participar en el challenge Fin del mundo, tienes que grabar tu canción del fin del mundo en vertical y de hasta 1 minuto de duración. El video lo puedes mandar como mensaje a la cuenta de Shooting Starz o subirlo a tu feed de IG taggeandolos @Shooting_starztv y...

SUMMER LIVE PARTY July 1st 2020 6PM (GMT – 5)

After having Kevlex as jury for our Moviesong Challenge, we are receiving Yolo, and Mariana Avila for an EPIC LIVE STREAM on ENCHUFETVLIVE to end our MASH UP CHALLENGE with a a Bang! Discover our Challenge winner from Argentina after meeting our previous winners from...

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